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Viewing your medical records

It is now possible to view (certain parts of) your medical record at Huisartsen Ossenmarkt.

If you understand Dutch, there is a variety of commercial apps (‘persoonlijke gezondheidomgeving’ or simply ‘PGO’) to install. There is however only one english app approved for The Netherlands: ‘Patients know best’ as it has the Dutch ‘Medmij’ certificate.

Please note that in case of problems, we do not offer client support for ‘Patients know best’ (or any other PGO) at our practice. Our practice has proven to be accessible for PGO’s with the Dutch ‘Medmij’ certificate. Please contact the customer support service of your app in case of problems.

By installing this software or app, you have (in Dutch) access at Huisartsen Ossenmarkt to:

  • medical notes about diagnosis and symptoms;
  • your gp’s advice;
  • lab results;
  • letters from and to hospitals;
  • a list of medication and allergies.

With ‘Patients Know Best’ you can also connect with other health care organizations and even add your own health data.


  • Register to ‘Patients know best' and install the software or app.
  • Find and add our practice by using key words 'Ossenmarkt' and 'Groningen'.
    (Or, from 2023 on, search for huisartsenossenmarkt.huisarts.groningen@medmij).