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COVID-19 or corona

Vaccination starts April 16th
Vaccination against Covid-19 has started in the Netherlands and we general practitioners will vaccinate the first group patients with the AstraZeneca-vaccine. We will get the first batch of vaccines in the second week of april.

As decided by the RIVM, vaccination in our practice will first start for:

  • People born in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960;
  • People with a BMI of 40 or higher, born between January 1st 1956 and December 31st 2002 (18 - 64 years of age);
  • People with Down Syndrome living at home, born between January 1st 1956 and December 31st 2002 (18 - 64 years of age).

As decided by the government, the AstraZeneca vaccine will be used. More information about the AstraZeneca vaccine can be found at the site of the RIVM

Invitation by mail
We will invite the above groups for vaccination by mail.

Friday April 16th and  Tuesday June 29th
The first vaccination is scheduled for Friday April 16th and the second one for Tuesday June 29th. If you are unable to attend at one of these dates, it is not possible having the vaccines at another time. The only possibility would be to have them when another batch of vaccines arrives. We do not know when this will be.

Location community building NKC Boteringestraat
Vaccination takes place in a nearby church community building (Nieuwe Kerk Centrum). The entrance is situated at the green gate around the corner of our practice. The address is:
Nieuwe Boteringestraat 1-15
9712 PD Groningen

Next vaccination
At this point, it is not clear when vaccination for other groups will start. This is planned by the government. We will inform you as soon as possible and kindly ask you to be patient.

More information can be found at the RIVM website.

Test needed?
The GGD is the authority that takes care of testing for COVID-19/corona. Please call +31 (0)800 1202.
More information can be found on the RIVM website (dutch center for disease control).

Call 112 in case of life-threatening situations.

Temporary measures due to COVID-19/corona 
Several measures are taken at the practice due to COVID-19/corona. Consultation is still possible, but unfortunately for the time being it is not possible to make an appointment online, due to COVID-19/corona. Instead, please call for an appointment.