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Doing a test for sexually transmitted infections (STIs, sometimes called sexually transmitted diseases) is fairly simple. You can do home tests for the most common STIs. Please make an appointment with your GP to discuss which tests you should have, as this depends on your signs, symptoms and your risk.

For more information see on sexually transmitted infections.

Available tests

It is possible to do tests for:
- chlamydia
- gonorrhoea
- trichomoniasis
- mycoplasma genitalium

You can do these test at home.

Tests for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B are blood tests.

Unless you have symptoms, it is best to wait for about three weeks after possible infection to do a test. Otherwise it may be negative when in fact you may be infected.

Costs of STI tests

A test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomoniasis or mycoplasma genitalium, will cost you about 40 to 50 euro each.

Tests for syphilis, HIV or hepatitis B are about 30 euro per test. If the tests are positive they can cost you more, especially the syphilis test.

All prices are indications. For the exact costs please visit Certe (Dutch only). Go to "Tarieven Medische microbiologie" look under SOA (meaning STI in Dutch). You will pay about 18 euro more than the prices you will find there, this is for either the swab or having your blood taken.

If you have a Dutch insurance, the costs for STI-tests will be at the expense of your “own risk”. If you have spent your own risk in a given year, it won’t cost you anything.