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About the Dutch Healthcare system
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If you are insured in the Netherlands, GP-services are free, for example:

  • doctor’s consultation;
  • home visits;
  • ECG in the practice
  • IUD placement (usually you have to pay for the IUD itself though);
  • injections;
  • ear syringing;
  • hearing test;
  • sleep apnoea test;
  • 24-hour blood pressure registration.

Not free
There is something called your “own risk” (eigen risco) which means that you have to pay the first part of healthcare costs for a given year yourself. This applies to healthcare outside general practice, for example hospital and ambulance care. In 2024 this is € 385. Most costs above this own risk will be paid for. Some insurances companies offer the possibility to increase your own risk.

Usually your insurance pays first and sends you an invoice afterwards for your own risk. In our practice, this applies to for example:

  • blood tests;
  • medication;
  • STI tests;
  • X-rays, ultrasounds and MRI's;
  • swabs, urine culture or faeces tests (PCR);
  • 24 hour ECG

If you have spent your own risk in a given year, it won’t cost you anything extra.

Please check with your insurance company for details. Sometimes you need to pay us first and reclaim with your insurance later (for example Allianz).

If you are not insured in the Netherlands you need to pay for medical services at our practice. A consultation will cost you 30 euro (2022).

About the Dutch Healthcare system
Check to learn more about the Dutch Healthcare system, so you know what to expect of your consultation and GP.
For detailled information on the health care system in the Netherlands, there is also a guide available on the Expatica website.