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National exchange point

Please let us know if you give permission to share your medical data.

Not all healthcare providers know about your current condition(s) or previous medical problems. They can however share information about your health with each other electronically. Sharing your medical information is only allowed if this is necessary for your treatment, for instance in case of an emergency. It is only allowed if you have given permission in advance.

The medical data is shared with other healthcare providers through the National Exchange Point (LSP). This is not a central database: no medical data is stored within the network. Data are only stored in the computer systems of your general practitioner and pharmacy. Other healthcare providers can access the most important information through the National Exchange Point. But that is only possible if you have given your permission.

Detailed information can be found at (‘track your own healthcare’).

Did you give permission?
Then we are able to share your medical data through the National Exchange Point (LSP).

How to arrange permission?
You can arrange your permission in three ways:

  • Option 1: Say it to us and your pharmacies.
  • Option 2: Give us a completed permission form.
  • Option 3: Arrange your permission online at Volgjezorg (.

Always read the leaflet first.

If you want to arrange permission for someone else, for instance your children, read more about it here

Do you want to know what happens to your data?
Volgjezorg provides online tracking-overview. You can see what types of data your doctor and pharmacies share with your other healthcare providers, and since when. You can also see which healthcare providers have requested your data, which types, and when.

Did you not give permission?
Then we are NOT able to share your medical data through the National Exchange Point (LSP).